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Andrew Robert Poremskis

Telephone: 0403 270 811
Phone hours are between 9am - 5pm
Monday - Friday
E-mail: sales@apsitedesigns.com

ApSiteDesigns.com offer a veriaty of services including:

Web Development: Having previously been primarily focused in servicing the Real Estate Industry, with constantly changing display requiremenets, We decided to expand our services to other parts that we found alot of people asking for, this incluse Web Design, Domain Name purchasing, Pre-made Web Templates as well as Hosting.

Domain Name Registration: apsitedesigns.com delivers uncomplicated and affordable domain registration services. Compare our prices and you will not be disappointed. We are one of the few merchants who will accept US, Canadian, Australian, UK, HK, Singapore, EURO, Chinese, Japanese and New Zealand currencies.

  • WEB Hosting
    • .com from $25.00 per year
    • .com.au from $40 every 2 years
    • .net from $27.50 per year

    uncomplicated and affordable domain registration services.

    Server  Solutions
    • Linux or Windows
    • 100 GB Storage
    • Unlimited GB Data per month

    500 Email Accounts, Unlimted Databases (MySQL) from $40 per month.

    Email Solutions
    • Standard 5 Page Site
    • Standard 10 Page Site
    • Standard 20 Page Site

    Affordable custom made websites to suit your needs.

    Additional Pages - If you require additional pages then the package you selected we can add extra pages on for just $10.00 per page.

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    "APSiteDesigns.com is a breath of fresh air these days.

    Fantastic responsive service from professionals who excel in what they do.

    Great prices too and clearly not at the expense of QUALITY.

    Could not recommend them highly enough."

    Ignatius Tan
    Business Owner, Brisbane Australia